Collaboration Partners

Special businesses contributing to the Camino experience

Not only pilgrims walk the Way, some smart and caring companies also do their best to keep the Camino spirit alive and provide you with the newest information and gear available. We're pointing some of them out here simply because we think it may be useful, even if we haven't established a partnership with them yet.


Wise Pilgrim guides offer an always up to date directory of the Caminos de Santiago. Currently available for both iPhone and Android. They are building a better way to stay up to date, by allowing pilgrims to contribute to the guides they are carrying. Leave a comment from within the guide, or on the web page, and every pilgrim behind you can benefit.

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The recycling of packaging offers considerable environmental benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy and water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This activity also contributes to our country’s economic and social development by generating jobs and creating an industrial infrastructure. So please use the blue and yellow waste boxes for proper recycling along the Camino

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Proboscidea – The emotional lives of elephants is a beautiful and environmental friendly picture-table book to inform and inspire, to bring people closer to elephants through positive and emotive imagery with accessible text. All profits made from the sales will be given to the Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka where a lot of the images in the book were taken.

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Ergonomics, functionality, usability and individuality are the guiding principles. Clients rely on its analysis of intelligent and coordinated implementation of strong design with individual solutions for all web and print media. Medienfisch works for small companies or private individuals with a strong preference for helping eco friendly and ethically operating businesses.

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