Tips & Environmentally Friendly Products

To help you on the Way and protect nature

Some useful tips which can make life on the Camino easier. If you want to contribute with your own experiences please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll publish your tips here as well.

We're all fascinated by the newest, best and lightest travel gear of the outdoor industry. But there are also some small and handy products which you might not have heard of which can really make a difference to how you enjoy the walk.

Useful tips for the Camino

Quick and easy things to do to make life easier

  • Take off your shoes at every break to let your feet and socks dry in the sun
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, start later and stay in small villages before or after the major cities
  • To get the real Camino experience, try to avoid expectations about anything or anyone: it is what it is.
  • Have a separate bag of fresh "dress" clothes which you can send from one major city to the next
  • Walking poles make a huge difference walking up or downhill or even on flat surfaces
  • Blisters can develop at any time, even after weeks of walking. Generally, its when you walk too far or too fast. Listen to your body, stop immediately when you feel a hotspot on your foot, and tape it up. Don't get caught up in the macho discussions about how far people have walked. Walk at your own pace. Its YOUR camino.
  • PLEASE carry a small plastic bag with you for your toilet paper. Behind many bushes, the ground is littered with tissues. And if you have to go like a bear, bury it.
  • Cyclists: PLEASE use a bell and let walkers know you are coming well before you approach them. AND ride past slowly. Doing anything else is extremely dangerous for both you and us.

Environmental Friendly & Healthy Products

Fantastic items which can really make a difference

A menstrual cup is a great solution if you get your period on the Camino. Click on the image to go to a comparison chart of available cups, put together by the 'Eco Friendly Family'.


Sporks are just a great invention! They're light and very useful. The spoon side might be most needed but the fork works great as well and the tiny knife does its job for basic needs. And you can also carry them in your hand luggage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best overall fluid to moisturise your skin or use as basic sun protection. You can eat it raw or use for frying and cooking, as a base for your own toothpaste or basic cream for sore skin.

Pink Himalayan Salt

When sweating a lot and craving salty products, take Pink Himalayan Salt to get the right mineral combination for your body. Dissolve some pink salt in your water bottle to make daily consumption easy.

Healing Wool

Healing wool is natural sheeps wool with residual fat content. It contains wool wax (lanolin) providing skin-care and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it to put on blisters or under your backpack straps.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to treat various ailments from muscle aches to digestive problems. You'll find remedies in homeopathic pharmacies in Spain but it's advisable to bring them from home.

Vegetable Starch

When hiking, starch can be sprinkled into the socks or shoes to stop the rubbing of your feet. Like vaseline, it reduces friction and prevents blistering and sores on your toes and feet.