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We've gone a long way. To Santiago and in ourselves. We enjoyed every important step of our pilgrimages and witnessed much wisdom on the way. We're now here for you, to create a new space online and on the Camino Francés. To make the world a better place is our everyday motivation. Follow us to keep the Camino's magic alive.

Jeff Canin

Mastermind, Pilgrim & Photographer

I grew up in apartheid South Africa where the pervasive injustice instilled in me a strong desire to make a difference in the world. Once I left South Africa at the age of 20, my focus gradually shifted from political to environmental issues. By 25, I had completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree in London and found a passion for sea turtles, which led to a job in Greenpeace as the International Sea Turtle Campaigner. After many successes negotiating at international Conventions, I moved to Australia and was a successful filmmaker for 21 years. (My last film was 2 Degrees, which you can watch on this site). I have walked all or part of the Camino 3 times, and have been captivated by its magical energy. “It is what it is” became my personal motto after my first Camino. Photography has been my passion for many years, so naturally I took many photos on the Camino. Photos which I felt captured the heart of the Camino. Knowing how difficult it is to maintain the “Camino feeling” when you get home, I began this project as I believe my photos can remind you of how you felt, people you walked with, and those special moments experienced so uniquely on the Camino de Santiago. I hope I’m right and I hope they help.

Johannes C. Elze

Graphical Brain & Pilgrim

Born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic I felt an inherent desire to ‘escape’ and travel from a young age. Over the last 15 years, I have found the idea of ‘home is where the heart is’ to be one of many places – transient rather than fixed. ‘Home’ to me is everywhere I arrive and everywhere else that remains unknown. After completing my Master's Degree in Media & Art, I now focus on developing websites and print media for small companies or private individuals with a strong preference for helping eco friendly and ethically operating businesses. I also work as a professional photographer and want to communicate the beauty of our planet in every possible way, by providing moments, interactions, conversations – the intimacy of the real rather than a context of the constructed. People and stories interest me more than facts and figures do; I focus on the essence of ideas over the details. I am carefree: I tend to live in the moment, I don’t waste a lot of emotional energy fretting about the future. Instead, I focus on getting the most out of life right now. That's why I enjoyed walking the Camino more than anything I did before. To get the full range of emotions, people, nature, ups and downs of a lifetime just in one month time was a truly deep and changing experience and now I am grateful to be able to help you taking the Camino home with you.

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