Camino Checklist

Whether you're preparing to walk or have walked the Camino, this list might be useful

Packing the right stuff for your pilgrimage will make your life on the Camino much more enjoyable. The intention with the following suggestions is to list the essentials and leave the rest to you. Keep in mind that every gram should count when carrying it over hundreds of kilometers, but also a little bit of luxury is necessary to keep the mood up on a rainy day.

  • Two pairs of hiking pants or shorts, to have a dry pair when washing the other
  • 2 Merino T-shirts as cotton ones take much longer to dry
  • 1 thin longsleeved shirt to keep you warm or protect you from the sun
  • 2 pairs of thin liner socks and 2 pairs of thicker ones to always have a dry pair handy
  • 2 pairs underwear, no cotton either
  • Light pair of pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag, according to the season, warmer or thinner
  • Silk sleeping bag liner
  • Bed bug sheet and anti-bed bug spray
  • Pillowcase
  • Poncho or rain jacket with rain cover for the backpack, and waterproof rain pants
  • Fleece, it does get cold in the evenings at 800m elevation and the mornings can be chilly
  • Slippers or sandals for the evenings or sightseeing
  • Flip flops (rubber sandals) for those showers which are less than desirable
  • Some medications, but they can normally be bought in pharmacies on the way
  • Sunscreen, coconut oil, a hat, sunglasses or long sleeve shirt
  • Toiletries, but keep it very light, you'll be amazed by how little you really need
  • Vaseline for your feet to prevent blisters
  • Arnica cream, such as Fisiocrem, is very good for slight aches and pains
  • Walking poles, a huge help up and down hills
  • Sweatbands for your wrists
  • Knee guards if your knees are dodgy
  • A scarf or Buff to keep your neck warm and protected from the sun
  • Towel, get a quick drying micro fibre one from outdoor stores, not many albergues provide them
  • Mobile & Camera and their specific chargers (preferably the same) with European plug adapters
  • Earplugs: wax or silicone, not foam, to get some chance of sleeping when people snore
  • Small torch, use your phone or get one from the recycling project on the Camino
  • Light knife and a Spork (spoon & fork combination)
  • Needle and thread for basic repairs
  • Clothes pegs, as albergues often don't provide them
  • Plastic hooks to hang on the shower door for your clothes and toilet bag, as these are often lacking